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Scorpio Candle Co

Car Freshener


This hanging car air freshener diffuser bottle is filled with fragrance oil and can be hung anywhere. The bottle can be filled/refilled with the matching scent of your candle or with any other scent. The scent will last for one month.

*Bottle may vary

Fragrance Options:

Black Ice - This candle scent has a masculine fragrance smell. This is scented with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender, and subtle florals followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. This scent is inspired by the Black Ice Little Tree car air freshener.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Scent - Orange, Pine, Citrus
Middle Scent - Violet, Lavender, Jasmine
Bottom Scent - Sandalwood, Musk

Jamaica Me Crazy - This popular island vibe scent, is an explosion of tropical fruits and rum, beginning with top notes of juicy tangerine, orange peel, and lemon. Middle notes of sweet pineapple, tropical coconut, and citrusy orange add to the beachy aroma before the rum base notes transform this fruity fusion into a cocktail. A dash of sugar rounds out the fragrance for just the right amount of sweetness. This fragrance is infused with sweet orange essential oil.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Scent - Lemon, Orange Peel, Tangerine
Middle Scent - Orange, Coconut, Pineapple
Bottom Scent - Sugar, Rum

Sandalwood & Suede - This scent has rich dark chocolate, cedar, and suede sprinkled with green herbs and jasmine held together with luscious woods, amber, velvet musks.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Scent: Herbal, Green, Jasmine
Middle Scent: Dark Chocolate, Suede, Cedarwood
Bottom Scent: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber, Velvet Musks

Twilight Woods - This essential oil has a creamy floral woody type with top notes of orange, peach, and pear, middle notes of iris, jasmine, lily, and rose, with a soft powdery musky, woody amber, and tonka bean base note.

Fragrance Notes:
Top Scent - Citrus
Middle Scent - Cedar, Oak, Floral
Bottom Scent - Amber, Vanilla, Musk